Spiritual Guidance Coach and Mentor

Using Spiritual tools to help guide you towards your life purpose and highest potential.

Spiritual Guidance Services

"Your life is your greatest work of art, I simply want a brush stroke in your picture, I just want to leave my mark." 

- Voché

Birthchart Reading

Before we incarnate on earth, as souls we decide on a game plan for how we want to accomplish our purpose and express our potential. Your birth chart is your life game plan overview. With your birth chart we can explore your individual life themes, gifts, strengths, and challenges on your journey towards evolution. By doing so, together we will discover your INDIVIDUAL path for success.

Tarot Reading

Gain insight and guidance from your spirit team about your current life challenges. Love, money, health, career, family.

Numerology Reading

This is a great alternative for those who do not know their exact time of birth. A numerology chart reading is just as accurate as a birth chart reading, and even gives you a timeline of the energies you will experience during different phases in your life. Instead of interpreting the energy of the planets, I interpret your archetypal energetic flow through numbers.

Synastry (couples) Reading

Synastry is comparing how the energy interacts between two birth charts (two souls). Sheds light on soul contracts, relationships and how compatible as well as where you will challenge each other to grow. A synastry reading will also show how you will impact each other's lives long term. This is a great tool for couples coaching, and smoothing out the bumps in your relationship.

Spiritual Mentoring Services

The mentoring services listed below are only for returning clients who have already purchased a birth chart or numerology reading with ME.

Progressed Birth Chart & Transit Reading

A testament to your evolution. How have you changed? A progressed transit chart reading will bring clarity on how the planetary energies are shifting and affecting your life presently. As well as give you a bird's eye perspective of the themes and challenges in your life in this present moment and to come. With practical guidance on how to utilize this energy practically and productively.

Follow up Reading & Psychic Consultation

In your follow up consultation/ psychic reading you can ask me ANY questions you have in regards to your life, spirituality, or any universal concept as I use my spiritual gifts, ancient wisdom and knowledge to deliver the messages you were sent to me to receive. I also recommend this service to inquiring minds searching for a deeper understanding of self as it relates to the universe.

Tarot 101 - How to Interpret the messages of spirit using Tarot

A Tarot course created by me that will teach you the divination of tarot as well as demystify any fears attached to the subject. Tarot is an amazing tool that will help develop your spiritual gifts as well as strengthen your connection to the divine in order to provide guidance and clarity along your journey. The course will be divided into 3, 1 on 1 sessions and is recommended for those who wish to innerstand the language of spirit.

Astrology 101 - How to read your birth chart

An Astrology course created by me, that will teach you the science of astrology and how to read your soul blueprint or in other words your birth chart! This course will be divided into 4, 1 on 1 session and is highly recommended for those interested in understanding human psychology and the archetypes of human existence. As well as gaining a deeper understanding of self and how to be your own council by understanding how to maximize the energy that moves through you.

Draconic Birth Chart Reading

Your Draconic chart is the birthchart of your higher self. The personality and characteristics of your soul before you entered into your current form and experienced the conditioning that that formed you current perspective and personality. Your draconic chart will show you what characteristics and talents it would benefit to incorporate in order to live a fulfilling life through the highest expression of your spirit.

Passed Loved Ones  Reading

In this reading, I will channel the spirit of your non-physical loved one(s) and bring through messages from the other side meant for you to hear at this moment in your life journey. It might not be what you want to hear but its always what you need to hear.

Group Readings, Speaking Engagements, Presentations and more..

Grounding and sharing ancient wisdom and occult knowledge is my passion and purpose.  My specialties are (but not limited to): Channeling, Energy healing, Psychic development, Psychic mediumship, Astrology, tarot, numerology, the divine feminine and more. For inquiries and pricing you can reach me at my email address bellow where we can discuss your individual or group needs and create a custom experience.

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light."

- Brene Brown


Voché means, "where I go, light will multiply". I am here to serve humanity in the task of raising of human consciousness by sharing my spiritual wisdom and gifts that I have cultivated over many lifetimes. As well as remind humans that we are gods/goddesses in human form and to be an example of what we are capable of when we live in the expression of our GOD FORM and pursue our highest potential!

After graduating college I was faced with the decision to live conventionally, or be brave enough to pave a path towards my individual fulfillment and my higher purpose.  In doing so I discovered my passion for helping others do the same, using ancient sciences and spiritual modalities to help heal and enlighten others along there life journey.

Through my journey I discovered my psychic, intuitive, healing and empathic gifts, coupled with my unconditional love of all that is, I am very passionate about using my gifts with integrity, in service to humanity.

Words from voché

You are god in human form. 

Here to discover what a god can do once this truth is realized. Know thyself and know all that is.

What Others Say


My dear Queen Voché,

The High vibration of the tarot reading you delivered was so universally empowering! What a great gift you have and how amazing how you delivered the message from the divine spirits. It was also awesome sauce! To the universe.. I am so grateful for you!


 / Khemetic Centered Living Student


My reading was amazing!! The best reading EVER!! Your energy was so magnetic and uplifting!! It just flowed!! Everything was on point!!


/ Client


My reading this morning with Voché was AMAZING!!!! She is truly a gift to this world and I deeply appreciate being able to have that experience with her. I am officially joining the folks here who have had a reading with her and are now singing her praises. By all means please follow your own divine guidance, but it you are feeling drawn to it, curious or intrigued, I truly believe it will be an experience you wont regret.


/ KCL Student

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